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Genetics and Bioengineering

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Basic Info

University Country Istanbul Bilgi University
Location Country Istanbul, Turkey
Department Country Engineering
Qualification Undergraduate
Program Type FullTime
Duration 4 years
Study Language English

Payment Info

Tuition Fee USD $$9,720.00 per year
Discount Fee USD $$3,720.00
Deposit Amount USD $1,000.00 one-time

Study Info

The entry qualification documents are accepted in the following languages: English / Turkish.

Often you can get a suitable transcript from your school. If this is not the case, you will need official translations along with verified copies of the original.

You must take verified copies of the entry qualification documents along with you when you finally go to the university.


Proof of English Language Proficiency is not required for the application.

Minimum requirements to be exempted from English Preparatory Year:

  • TOEFL: iBT 79
  • SAT: 550 from each band
  • Cambridge ESOLFCE-A
  • Cambridge BEC: Vantage B
  • Cambridge BULATS: 70
  • TOEIC: 735
  • ACT Reading & Writing: 22
  • U Michigan: ECCE-C – 650 Low Pass
  • GRE Verbal: 450 Old System – 150 New System
  • CEF: B2
  • PTE Academic: 55


A motivation letter must be added to your application.


The aim of the BİLGİ Genetics and Bioengineering undergraduate program is to raise our students with the basic technical information and abilities on mathematics, science and engineering, to recognize, analyze and solve the bioengineering problems. In addition, we aim to make our students be successful in national and international platforms, by gaining the abilities to develop new ideas or products in industry, academy or management. To give our students the effective verbal and oral abilities on subjects, such as passing on their ideas, consulting and learning from others and in this concept, raising individuals with professionalities, social and ethical responsibilities and commitments to life-long learning are amongst the other goals of our department.

İstanbul Bilgi University Genetics and Bioengineering Department will raise broadminded bioengineers with a strong professional knowledge, who are respectful to ethical and social responsibilities and conscious on local and global issues.

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